In Nagaland, far northeast of India, people believe that wealth should be celebrated and shared.  When a member of the Naga community comes into wealth they host a feast for the whole village. Everyone in the community is invited to join the feast which continues until the host has shared their wealth.  The feasting and festival can last for several weeks, including poor and underprivileged people to celebrate the sharing of wealth and the joy it brings.

When the feast is finished and the community celebrated, the host resumes life once more – with just the cloak on their shoulders. This cloak signifies the highest social prestige one can achieve in Nagaland: hosting a Feast of Merit.

Melbourne’s Feast of Merit honours this Naga tradition, with 100 percent of its profits directly supporting YGAP’s movement of impact entrepreneurs who are improving the lives of people living in poverty.



YGAP is a movement of entrepreneurs who change lives. YGAP finds, accelerates and connects impact entrepreneurs who have launched ventures to improve the lives of people living in poverty. Feast of Merit is one of the three social enterprises launched by YGAP and additional funding is also sourced through two annual campaigns.

YGAP believes in a world without poverty; a world where all people have access to quality education, live in a good home, can earn a fare wage and are free from preventable disease and violence.

As of May 2017, 295 YGAP impact entrepreneurs across East Africa, South Africa and the Pacific have significantly and measurably changed the lives of 403, 865 people living in poverty since completing the YGAP accelerator program.

YGAP wants to significantly and measurably impact the lives of one million people living in extreme poverty by 2018. To do this, local impact entrepreneurs who are leading change in their communities will receive support.

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